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    SMKC CARES 2013 Slideshow


    SMKC Dubai Media Release




    St. Mary’s Konkan Community (SMKC) Dubai, a philanthropy group based in Dubai, joyfully conducted a unique outreaching program for beyond the community brethren during the Lenten season.

    On Friday 22nd March, from 4.30 PM onwards, St. Mary's Konkan Community (SMKC) Dubai, a premium Association in the UAE and back home in Mangalore, organised 'SMKC CARES' an outreaching programme for the workers at Al Quoz Labour Camp under the guidance of Veteran Members and the President of SMKC Dubai. This is one of the many initiatives that SMKC Dubai undertakes to reach out to the needy people, whether in India or Dubai. This time, the beneficiaries were the 750 brethren in one of the Labour Camps (SEVILLE products camp) in Dubai, who toil endlessly throughout the week without much fun with family and friends under the bright sun.




    It was a fun filled day for the workers as they participated whole heartedly in the various games which were conducted splendidly by well-known MC Godwin Rodrigues. There were games like bombing the ‘S’ ‘M’ ‘K’ ‘C’ stations, Burj Khalifa Tower building, etc. spot prizes and Bingo. Initially, the staff from this camp quarters were awe stricken, whether the group has come to entertain them or for any other purpose. But Godwin through his dynamism did not spare any hurdles to bring them together as an over excited group and make them enjoy the planned fun.  It was an evening to remember as many staff had an opportunity to exhibit their talents like singing, dancing, etc. and walked away with big prizes, courtesy of various gift sponsors like E-Max, SAPIL, Basel watches and Al Sharq Al Aqsa Trading.



    A game of bingo was organised later in the evening. Many participants looked as if they were playing the game for the first time and were excited to win. The winners took home good value of Lulu Centre Shopping vouchers, courtesy of a generous donor. As the sun set, it was time for dinner. The members queued excitedly to collect their packed dinner and each one took along to their bunker bed rooms also a goody bag filled with giveaways courtesy of Al Sharq Al Aqsa group and Spinneys. The main sponsor of the event was SCOTTBADER MIDDLE EAST. Bhaskar G rendered the vote of thanks to the Sponsors, Well-wishers, the camp boss and the inmates of the camp, who made the day a worth living one.




    The President Veronica joyfully quips – “It was first time event conducted by any Association in the UAE to reach out to the camp dwellers in Dubai. Since inception in 2001 and over the decade now, our Association has reached to the poorest and the weakest of our community over here in the UAE and back home in India. Representing the Konkan Region, SMKC Dubai members will continue the set mission to reach out to the community and beyond always through their unique and most sought after events. This Association in the name of Mother Mary will definitely follow the words of her son, Jesus Christ, - "whatever you do to the least of my brethren that you do unto me”. The special blessings of our beloved Bishop of Mangalore, Rt. Rev Aloysius Paul D'souza, the clergy and the nuns and various institutions who have acknowledged and look forward for assistance from the funds established by SMKC Dubai, have inspired the members to strive further in achieving the mission goal to - ‘wipe a tear and bring a smile” on many more faces. I hope and pray to Almighty to bless and protect SMKC Dubai from any stumbling block and continue to shower choicest heavenly blessings to enable SMKC Dubai to be one of the unique twinkling stars that gives radiance, peace, joy and happiness to the less fortunate ones”.

    Every individual on this planet earth is born with an aim and ambition in life. However, very few are blessed to pursue their mission; some are escalated to the top notch positions while many others succumb to their poverty/fate. The evening of 22nd March, not only brought a feeling of being wanted and cared for by 700 + crowd but the SMKC members themselves felt a feeling of joy and enrichment with the Lenten spirit, to understand how and where the labour staff lived in Dubai. Honestly, a little difference in the life of SMKC members’ evening reaped a dozen smiles and happiness in the day of a Dubai worker through this outreaching evening. The camp inmates and the boss and people involved not only thanked the members but demanded a repeat event soon. This is the first time ever entertaining program conducted to a group of people far away from their homes and families, who deserve the best.

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