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    Massive crowd regales in SMKC 'Grand Konkan Showers'

    Mangaluru, Dec 6: It looked like God had showered his choicest blessings on St Agnes grounds when thousands of people congregated to witness the Grand Konkan Showers evening organised by St Mary’s Konkan Community (SMKC), in celebration of its 15th anniversary. The 264th edition of the Konkani musical 'Wilfy Nite’, which followed later, was also a great hit with over 6,000 people listening and enjoying the evening in rapt attention.

    The programme started right on time. Bishop of Mangaluru Dr Aloysius Paul D'Souza, presided over the celebrations.

    MLA J R Lobo, MLC Ivan D'Souza, Joseph Mathias, Walter Nandalike, James Mendonca, Fr Alwyn D'Souza the chief of Mangalurean Same mission in Tanzania, Fr Cyprian D'Souza the superior of St Ann's Friary, Roy Castelino the president of Konkani Sahitya academy, Meena Rebimbus, Jacintha Alfred the mayor of Mangaluru, Noel Mascarenhas and Veronica Rego, the founder president and present president of St Mary’s Konkan Community respectively, and other office bearers of SMKC were present on the dais.




    The presentation of 'SMKC Prashasti 2015' to three eminent Konkani people, who have contributed amply to the Konkani culture, literature and heritage through their philanthropy, brain and brawn, was part of the celebrations. The three eminent recipients of the awards were Martin J Aranha, managing director of Globelink West Star Shipping, Joseph Mathias, managing director of Merit Freight Systems and Walter Nandalike, founder of Daijiworld group of media. Martin J Aranha could not attend the event due to prior committments. Joseph Mathias and Walter Nandalike received the awards from the bishop. They were both felicitated by the dignitaries on the stage.

    Walter Nandalike who spoke on behalf of the recipients of the awards thanked SMKC for its relentless service. "I am a founder member of St Mary’s Konkan community. I have seen its journey from close quarters in the past 15 years. They have done unbelievable work for the downtrodden. I have seen how hardworking the founder president Noel Mascarenhas is, a gifted leader from his younger days and I have admired all the office-bearers of SKMC. SMKC has managed to bring thousands of Konkani crowds in Dubai for various events which remain a record still. I am happy to see such a massive crowd here today. I congratulate SMKC on its 15th anniversary, I wish them success in their endeavours and I congratulate Wilfy troupe on holding their 264th nite today.”

    Bishop Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza thanked SMKC for its generosity. He said how God will help those who help the poor in the society. He mentioned about the Same mission in Tanzania in Africa and relentless service of Mangalurean priests to the African brethren. He asked Fr Alwyn D’Souza to brief the crowd about the African mission. Fr Alwyn said how Mangaluru diocese stood first among 175 Catholic dioceses in India with its missionary zeal be it in Gulbarga, Bidar or in Africa. He entreated the people for their prayers.

    SMKC donated Rs 5 lacs for 'SMKC Dubai Education Trust Fund' managed by Bishop's House, Mangaluru, to empower underprivileged families of rural areas by educating deserving candidates in professions such as engineering, medicine and nursing, Rs 5 lacs for 'SMKC Dubai Health Care Fund' managed by capuchins at St Anne's Friary, Mangaluru, to provide medical assistance for very low income families, and Rs 10 lacs for 'Tanzania Same Mission'.

    'Pen bayr podlam', a collection of humour and satirical stories written by renowned author Herolpius was released by Roy Castelino. Wilfy's 46th CD 'Jig bhig rupanth Ailai Chandrema' was unveiled by J R Lobo. 'Kogull gaytha’ a new edition with songs from volume 1 to 45 of Wilfy's songs and hymns was released by Dr Aloysius Paul D'Souza.

    Meena Rebimbus was honoured by Bishop. Leslie was honoured by Veronica Rego.

    Veronica Rego welcomed the gathering. Veteran humour writer and compere Cyril G Sequeira (CGS) compered the stage programme with his usual wit and humour.

    The special stage was lit up with spectacular lights along with a sound system of 40,000 watts. Musical part of the evening started with ‘Namo namo Parameshwara’ a song sung by legend Wilfy Rebimbus. Then the Wilfy troupe entertained the crowd with 'Mangluranthle komble ami’ ‘Kanknawala', 'Jayantha Jayanthi’ ‘Roopa Roopa’ and other popular peppy dance songs under the direction of Pappan and Joswin with 14 instrumentalists playing the live music. The songs were rendered by Meena Rebimbus, Ivan Sequeira, Prem Lobo, Babitha D’Sa, Claud D’Souza, Babitha Pinto, Glen Arouza, Vishwas Rebimbus and Munita Rao. Thumping Baila was rendered in the end when the crowd participated in the dance.

    There were many gifts to be won during the show. Before every song a lucky winner among the people who chose the songs of the day were chosen. Every winner was given Rs 2,000. There was also a raffle draw by SMKC. Jet Airways international air ticket between UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah) and India, watches, perfumes, electronic items, gold coins and gift hampers were up for grabs. The proceeds of the raffle too went to charity.

    There were some comedy breaks in between. Memory Troupe entertained the crowd with their comedy skits. Leslie Rego and Dolla Mangalur too enacted a special skit. Ocean Kids, finalists of 'India's Got Talent' performed brilliant dance performances.

    Some light showers during the show did not make the crowd to leave the venue. Leslie the ace compere who managed the show with his impeccable style put it as ‘Showers from heaven’. And indeed it was.


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