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    Mangaluru cops nip dacoity bid, stumble on racket to cheat foreigners

    MANGALURU: Mangaluru City Police who on Saturday arrested two persons getting ready to commit an act of dacoity near Marnamikatte railway over bridge, inadvertently stumbled on a well-oiled racket to cheat people, especially foreigners, promising them to supply women for their sexual needs. This stark truth interestingly came out when a woman conduit used by one of the accused blurted out the same before the police in a drunken stupor after a fight with him.


    The accused nabbed by Ananth Murdeshwar, PSI, Mangaluru South PS are Keerthan, 26, of Farangipete, and Kuldip, 32, of Ekkur Babugudde, Mangaluru. During their interrogation, the duo revealed that they with three others were involved in duping foreigners for the past 18 months by sending them photos of foreign women which they downloaded from internet. They would send these photos to randomly identified 'foreign clients' through email and 

    Deputy commissioner of police (law and order) K M Shantharaju said on Monday that out of these clients, some would respond and the duo would demand $300 to be paid into their account through online transactions and money changers, including Western Union and UAE Exchange. Once they got some advance money from these clients, the duo blocked their incoming numbers and carried on with this modus operandi by luring other foreign customers using the same trick.


    Further investigations are underway in this regard to find out the identity of those cheated by the duo and the amount they got from cheating them, he said, adding efforts are on to apprehend other three accused. A source familiar with the case told TOI since there is no complaint from any of the 'clients' including the foreigners the duo cheated, police will proceed against them under dacoity charges and charge them separately for cheating if they do receive a complaint.

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