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    Move beyond files, hit ground: PM Modi to collectors

    NEW DELHI: Move beyond the world of files and go to the field to understand the ground realities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the district collectors(DCs) on Wednesday evening during his first ever web-based address to all the heads of district administration.

    The PM also asked the officers to ensure that rights of poor must not be snatched by anyone and the implementation of initiatives such as Aadhaar is to ensure rights of poor. "Gandhi wanted us to always remember the poorest of poor. PM said before you sleep think of how many poor you helped," said an official who listen to PM.

    More than a thousand IAS officers including the district collectors, assistant secretaries and senior officials at Centre listened to the PM. "He said that the more a collector visits the field, the more active he will be on file," a PM office release said.



    In the webcast, aimed at connecting top executive with the grassroot administrators, PM urged them to decide where they want to see their districts in 2022, what deficiencies must be overcome, and what services must be ensured. Modi asked the DCs to prepare the "Resolution Document" for 2022 with 10-15 objectives in the next one week.

    "We could make out that the PM wants transformation of districts under his New India initiative. Since most of the DCs are young, they are expected to do more," said another official.

    Modi said some districts have always lagged in basic services such as electricity, water, education and health. "He said that when the socio-economic conditions improve in the 100 most backward districts, it would give a big boost to the overall development parameters of the country. This puts an onus on the collectors of these districts to work in a mission mode," the PMO said.


    He asked all DCs to promote digital transactions, Swachhta mission and urged all of them to be Government E Market place (GEM) to reduce corruption.


    Government will launch the New India website, which will feature online quiz on the freedom struggle, and a comprehensive calendar on various events being held as a part of the "Sankalp Se Sidhhi" movement.

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