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    Bumper winnings begin with “REWIND ‘07-‘70”

    St. Mary’s Konkan Community (SMKC) Dubai is pleased to announce the grand prize winners & the other winners’ names for the recently published “Christen the EVENT & Invent a SLOGAN” on various web sites heralding the annual event of 2007 – “REWIND ‘07-‘70”

    "ReWind ‘07-‘70” was picked up among many suggestive entries as the new title to replace “KONKAN SHOWERS” over the past 5 years.   The TITLE name was found suiting our new program concept of ’Dine & Dance’ gala evening scheduled to take place on Thursday, 25 October 2007 at Al Bustan Rotana, Dubai.    The event will be planned to rewind with music and fun from year 2007 to 1970s.

    The TOP winner’s are: 

    1.  Lavina Carlo of Dubai with the selected TITLE  –

                                 “ReWIND ’07-‘70”

    2. Lancy D’souza of Abu Dhabi with the SLOGAN: 

                         “Rays of Hope, Rainbow of Joy”.

    Other nominated winners based on various criteria by the committee are:

      1.       Edwin Xavier, Dubai

      2.       Anita Sequeira, Mangalore, India

      3.       Alfred Rebello, Sharjah

      4.       Annie D’souza, Dubai

      5.       Shereen J Rodricks –D’souza, Queensland, Australia

      6.       Reena Castelino, Doha Qatar

      7.       Lavitha Alvares

      8.       Mario A Rodrigues

      9.       Jacintha D’souza, Dubai

      10.   Anita Dsouza

    Lavina Carlo of Dubai, a young lady just about to get married in December 2007 has zeal to serve the community.  She could not believe that her TITLE – “REWIND ’07-‘70” was chosen unanimously by the jury from so many probabilities.  She was thrilled and said – “I am glad I could be of help in deciding a title for the event.     I will also be there to extend any possible help towards this major event in raising funds for the poor and the needy”.


                           Lavina Carlo                       Lancy D’souza

    Lancy D’souza of Abu Dhabi writes in – “Thank you so much for choosing "RAYS OF HOPE, RAINBOWS OF JOY", as the slogan for this year’s event. When we understand that it is just not about the competition, but primarily one's sincere contribution towards making an event all the way fun filled, that at many times, we older people fail to remember is what will make all of us winners. Also the rapport we have formed and will form with one another during the event combined with our dedicated effort, will make each one of us Shine out as winners.... always!   Way to go! Keep it up.

    Alfred Rebello had suggested an interesting slogan in short for SMKC as “Serving Man Kind with Care” (SMKC) along with Title: LOVE & PEACE.  His comments on being declared as a winner – “
    SMKC Dubai was created by Fr. Cyprian D'souza keeping in mind to help many needy ones back in India and in the UAE. Yes, we all know one cannot keep asking every now and then for help because everybody is in some kind of difficulties. And organizing these kind of events, which are within common man's reach, give an opportunity to them who can not afford to go to costly and money minded events. Therefore SMKC, conducting these kind of events giving common people some fun who do not have or cannot afford and at the same time a helping hand to those back in India. It means both side is happy”.   Therefore, let SMKC keep continue these kind of events with a motto ''TO HELP THE NEEDY'.

    Anita Sequeira of Bendore, Mangalore was the first one to submit instantly the Title -  "Come And Swing" & The Slogan  - "Konkan To Africa -- We Are The World".   When she was informed as one of the winner, she again responded quickly stating, “I am so thrilled to hear that I am one of the winners of “Christen the Event & Invent a Slogan contest". St. Mary's Konkan Community (SMKC) Dubai is doing a wonderful service in bringing a smile on many less fortunate brethren.  May God bless all the members of SMKC for their efforts and I wish you all the best in the forthcoming annual program.


        Anita                  Shereen              Annie                  Reena

    Few of the suggestions were – KBC - Konkan  Bonanza Charity”,     KONKAN LIGHTS or ‘UZVADD’ 2007,  KONKAN MOMENTS – 2007, “Melodious Nite, Musical Nite,  "Night Fever" , The Key to Seventies – Freedom,  A night down memory lane, A night through the Synthetic Decade,  Nostalgia night, Flashback - the 1970s, It’s the time to Disco, Let’s Rock n Roll, “Gospel of Love”, Showers of Continual Reach & Care, "Sprinkles of Warmth & Bliss", "PUMPS FOR LIFE", “Reach People through Dreams & visions, Festival of Love, Service and Unity, "Philanthropic Step", “A Helping Hand with a Caring Smile including the very popular consecutive title “KONKAN SHOWERS 2007”  sent forward by many participants.               

    Few suggested slogans for the Event : Showers of Continual Reach & Care, Showering Love & Offering Care, Festival of Love, Service and Unity,  Contribute Small Amounts And Make An Ocean, Reach People through Dreams & visions, Moving Forward With The Proud Tradition Of Care, Helping Others Help Others, Walking 'Til We Cure, Come For A Cause, He Profits Most Who Serves Best, Together Strong, Forward Forever, Backward Never, Showers of Trust & Kindness, Showers of Hope, Dream & Enlightment,  Spreading Hope, Faith & LOVE”, The Light House for the poor, The Light House full of Hope, Faith & Love,  Let your smile shine, Sunshine makes a rainbow, little drops... mighty ocean, longest journey begins with a single step, Caring Through Sharing, Together let us be a Ray of Hope to the Needy, All Cheers no Tears, Binding people with love, Spreading smile every while, Children are the hope of the future.           

    (Only winners’ who have submitted their photographs as of today are published along side).

    Edwin Xavier from the Come Alive youth group at St Marys Catholic church, Dubai who was very enthusiastic from the beginning and set the ball rolling with numerous suggestions was also declared a winner.  He exclaims, “I’m surprised on being declared as one of the winners!!  This has been my first encounter working with SMKC Dubai, and it has surely been a positive experience and I must confess, the passion of SMKC to help the needy around the world is stupendous and I’m personally touched by their passion. My best wishes & prayers to SMKC Dubai as they endeavor to live out the gospel value of being a good Samaritan in this modern society”.

    Special Category Winners, Shireen D’souza of Australia submitted the Title: Share'n'Care the Ultimate showers! & Slogan:  Make a difference the Konkan way! or Sing a song, hop around, show that you care. Make a difference the Konkan way!   This indeed rhymed to the concept of the big day. She exclaims – “Thank you so much for your mail intimating me about my win! Obviously I am thrilled about it. It feels good to be connected to the wider Mangalorean Community through forums such as yours. I wish all success to the forthcoming Konkan Showers '07. My congratulations to the other winners”.


    Reena Castelino from Doha laments – “In today’s modern world we are busy with our own schedule and hardly we find time to think about our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  Events like Konkan Showers takes our thoughts towards them and the moments spent by participating in these events helps us build a bond with each other and be a Ray of hope to the needy. Our helping hand with a caring smile is welcomed with love and joy and our needy brothers and sisters know that there are generous people in this world who will help them to make this world a better place to live.”

    Annie D’souza expressed thanks for inviting the general public for participation.  She quips - “It gave us an opportunity to put on our thinking cap and search for the best and suitable slogans for the work done at your end.  If it wasn’t for the active participation, our thoughts would have never made such deep investigation for the right word.  Thank you once again and keep up the good work in the years to come. God Bless you all!

    Mario Rodrigues exclaims –“The winner is SMKC for their thoughts and actions which ultimately is for a good cause, & for the needy.  I would be a WINNER only if I can put my writings into practice.  Mother Teresa’s writings inspired me to rephrase as below:- Remember, O people/communities of God, You should strive to be a light house full of Hope, Faith  & Love , especially for the needy as if it were: Your First duty, Your Last duty, Your Only duty on this earth. 

    Indeed, SMKC Dubai members are proud with so many appreciations and accolades but they think it is a drop in the ocean and need more support from all the well wishers who are ready to answer their call.     

    Come Thursday, 25 October 2007, the prizes will be given away to the winners present in the audience at the grand venue - Al Bustan Hotel, Dubai.    If overseas or unable to attend, you may send your representative but at your own courtesy.   Preparations are underway by SMKC Dubai dedicated members for yet another memorable event ” "Rewind ‘07-‘70” with a sensational live band, music, dance, lavish food and all the fun under the star lit venue! 

    Jennifer Mascarenhas

    SMKC Correspondent

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