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    COOOOOOL …Vibrant, Stimulating PICNIC at the Dubai Zabeel Park grounds on Friday, 25TH January 2008 with SMKC Dubai

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    Dubai, January 25:   The blue skies were casting gloomy weather early morning on Friday, 25th January when peeping out of the windows from home.   But by 9.00 AM, the cloudy sky brought in the SUN bright and shining, welcoming the picnickers (a total of 450+) that started flowing steadily to the Zabeel Park.

    The early morning cool breeze turned out to be ideal setting for the family picnic on Friday, 25th January 2008 at Zabeel Park, Dubai organized by the one and only St. Mary’s Konkan Community (SMKC) Dubai.    The day was reserved for a get together for family and friends, young and old, bachelor or married bachelor /spinster and all joined together as ONE LARGE FAMILY of the Konkan world.


    SMKC Dubai members assembled at Gate No. 1 of Dubai Zabeel Park at 8.00 A.M. The breakfast was served from 8.30 A.M. onwards and the program started at 9.45 A.M. sharp, with Norbert Sequeira extending a warm and cordial welcome to one and all and explaining the theme of the picnic. Around 11.15 A.M Rev. Fr. Freddie D’souza, the spiritual director of SMKC arrived at the spot and spoke a few words and wished one and all good luck in their participation.


                          SMKC Dubai Volunteers posing for a moment !


    To get the crowd into action, the warm up games were conducted by Lawrence D’souza and Jerina Lewis and the gathered fun loving entire group at the Park were divided into 4 teams – Yellow, RED, Pink and Green. The team was then asked to select their Team Captains / Assistant as different colours of ribbon were distributed all members of the respective groups. The warm up games included Lucky 10, Money Money, Smart 20, Great Survivor Team, Action Gang and Giant Balloon-walla.     

    Various Group games and individual games were conducted as SMKC Volunteers got into action.


    Games such as Chinese Whisper, Separating the Pulses, Passing the Ice Block, Identifying one’s shoes blind folded, Water Collection by Sponge, Maximum no. of knots for the rope, Tying a plait using ladies shawls, Perfect and neat peeling of orange, Longest chain of Macaronis, Filling the Masafi bottle with max. no. of tissues, Longest chain of straws, Best Painting, Separating Js, Qs, Ks and As in a card pack, Cutting biggest & perfect cardboard Circle, Maximum peanut by breaking whole groundnuts , Joining the Puzzle etc, which were enjoyed by one and all.   

              Can u spot me  - i'm one of the teams in action!

    Children at play !

    Deeply engrossed to win for their team!


        I can colour, solve the puzzle, peel n also dance while I'm out at the picnic!

                 Fully charged, energetic yet a well disciplined crowd

    Separate games for children were conducted by Vijay & his team of young volunteers. It was fun to watch all children taking such active part in the games.


    Winners were selected for each category of games, judged by 3 prominent persons and everyone gathered were waiting for the result of the team action and play. Around 1.30 noon, the results were announced and prizes were distributed as follows:


    Group Winner                    Green team

    Runner up                         Yellow team

    Best Disciplined Group         Pink team

    Best Leader                      Michael Sequeira

    Second best leader             Priya D’souza


       Judges and few members with Fr. Freddy D'souza



          Winners (green team) takes it all!!


    Sumptuous lunch was served from 1.30 PM to 2.30 PM by Canara Restaurant.


    BINGO was conducted then for all with the full-house winner Anthony Mascarenhas taking home a Jet Airways domestic air ticket.  Electronic and various household items were given away to the winners. 


    Many Spot prizes were given away for the oldest couple flown in Bombay and US.  

        Oh, oh.. it is infants, babies <2 years old to pose for the camera and win some gifts!


    Rochelle Antao studying in Our Own English High School who secured 100% marks in Mathematics at the 2007 CBSE Board exams was also felicitated on this occasion by SMKC Dubai.  Roshan Vas, the silent web programmer of www.konkanuae.com  was acknowledged for his task behind the scene.




    Fun continued with Sliding the hoola loop for couples, men and ladies and kids such as Card Elimination for the crowd, Turban Dressing Competition for ladies (with live Punjabi bhangara dance performance) and blasting tiger dance competition for men.  DJ Rudy played the appropriate music that brought the entire crowd on their toes. Children too joined in at the end dancing their innocence away with the FRUIT SALAD game.  Prizes were distributed for the best dancers and most colorful dressed man, which was won by Kenneth Furtado.



        Getting started to dance to the DJ Rudy's throbbing melodies !


                Yeh,  punjabis guddies in action!


                        Still young at heart to play the hoola loop...


    Norbert Sequeira thanked all the sponsors specially Mr. Lancy Madtha of Integrated Freight Systems, Mr. Rudy for the non-stop music and all those who helped to make this picnic a great success.


           Can you beat it to the young boys n gals in action ??


    Evening high tea with cake and biscuits was served at 4.00 PM and every one left having thoroughly enjoyed the fun and frolic of the picnic organized by the St. Mary’s Konkan Community (SMKC) DUBAI until 5.00 PM.  


    The fun continued until the final chalked out program “lucky draw’.   Anil Vas – Photographer of www.mangalorean.com won the grand prize of Jet Airways domestic ticket.  

    Nearly 20+ lucky names were drawn out as the winners.


    The entire program was compered by Norbert Sequeira and Jennifer Mascarenhas in Konkani & English to suit the young and old.


    Yes, when conducting the spot prize by Jennifer, it was noted that people not only from Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah but also from USA, Bombay & Pune India and Doha Qatar were there in the midst of the crowd.  So it covered the entire United Arab Emirates as ONE large big family of Konkan speaking people. As the crowd were in full praise for the disciplined, well organized PICNIC which was packed full of enthusiasm and excitement, some even showed the bag full of gifts and goodies that they were carrying home for their  participation in various games and team fun.


    It turned out to be as announced ONE LARGE COMMUNITY**ONE BIG FAMILY **ONE SPECIAL PICNIC”.



    As reported by – Urban Sequeira & Jennifer Mascarenhas

    Photography:  Courtesy of Anil  Alva

    Photo Album 1

    Photo Album 2

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