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    St. Francis Of Assisi Catholic Church – Jebel Ali (Dubai)

    Regular Weekly Church Services




    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 08:00 Am, 09.00 Am, 10.15 Am,

     5:00 Pm, 7:00 Pm

    Catechism: 8:50 Am & 9:50 Am



    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 5.30 Pm and 7:00 Pm



    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 08.00 Am, 5:30 Pm, 7:00 Pm and 8.00 Pm



    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 09.00 Am and 7:00 Pm



    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 09.00 Am and 7:00 Pm



    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 09.00 Am and 7:00 Pm



    English Masses: 06:15 Am, 09.00 Am and 7:00 Pm


    Confession: During The Mass And On Request

    Rosary: 30 minutes before every Mass

    Catechism: Friday: 8.50 Am & 10.15 Am

                        Saturday: 09.45 Am & 11.00 Am

                        Tuesday: 4.45 Pm

    Adoration: 6:00 Pm (First Friday of every month – for Parish)


    Novena: St. Padre Pio(after 7.00 Pm Mass- Every Monday)

                   St. Anthony (after 7.00 Pm Mass- Every Monday)

                  Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour (after 7.00 Pm Mass- Every Wednesday)

    Wedding Anniversary Mass: 7.00 Pm (1st Thursday of every month)

    Marriage Preparation Course: 8.00 Pm(Every 2nd Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

                                                        And Thursday - Every alternative Month)

    Baptism Seminar: 8.00 Pm.(Every 1st Wednesday of the Month)

    Altar Servers Meeting: 09.30 Am to 12.30 Pm (Every 2nd Saturday)


    Other Masses:

    Konkani Mass: 8:00 Pm (1st Thursday of every month)

    Arabic Mass: 08.00 Pm every Monday &

                           11.15 Am every Saturday

    Malayalam Mass: 8.00 Pm every Friday

    Veritas : 5.45 Pm every Tuesday

    Italian Mass: 5.00 Pm every last Saturday

    Korean Mass: 8.00 Pm every Friday

    Singhalese Mass: 5.00 Pm every 1st Friday

    German Mass: 11.30 Am every 1st Friday

    Tagalog Mass: 12:15 Pm (3rd Friday of every month)

    Tamil Mass: 3:30 Pm (3rd Friday of every month)

    Veritas Mass: 5.00 Pm (1st Tuesday of every month)


    Parish Priest

    Fr. Eugene Mattioli O.F.M. Cap – 050 5869854



    Fr. Johnson Kadukanmakal OFM Cap

    Fr. Peter Kadamankod OIC
    Fr.Vincent A.P. Wijesuriya

    St. Francis of Assisi Church; Jebel Ali, Dubai


    Jebel Ali, Dubai, U.A.E.


    Tel: 00971 4 8845216, 8845251, 8845104

    E.Mail: Assisi@emirates.net.ae


    ©2004 - 2014 , KONKANUAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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